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Workplace Discrimination – Prevention Strategies

We have software that helps us see who it is that is searching ‘Discrimination’ on Google.

Our software tracks business IP addresses and searches coming from them to Google and the other major search engines. We know that 25,000 searches are completed every week for ‘Discrimination’. You have probably landed on this page because our software has detected searches being made from your company and one of our team has emailed or called you.

We grade searches for accuracy and only speak to a business if the accuracy is 90% or higher that the search was made from their computer.

Why do we do this?

Employees are searching Google to get advice on whether they are being subjected to discrimination every day. Frequently they then go onto Facebook and other social mediaplatformsand use ‘shadow IT’ to find out if others are suffering too. They seek community to be safe reporting it. This is how McDonalds Restaurants went from two cases of sexual harassment to over 400 in the space of a couple of months.

Set aside the difficulties in trying to ‘investigate’ that number of offences for a moment. The public damage to business reputation can be fatal. Not only at McDonalds but the CBI.

Your company is not immune to scandal

But it can be protected from it. We can help by providing guidance and assistance with policy and improving the intelligence and signals available to you to reduce your risk in this and other related areas. Talk to one of our skilled team to set you up with a consultation and demonstration of how we protect you.

Do it today. Because you never know from where the BBC will source their next headline.