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There’s no news without a source…

The public make the news. No matter the scandal they’re the ones uncovering scandal and challenging the status quo.

Anonymous source - whistleblowing software and aml risk solutions
Anonymous source

You need their reports to write the news. If they don’t talk to you, or worse go to your competitor, you’re behind the cutting edge from the getgo.

The system is simple.

We like simple here at HX5. We provide to you a robust, secure and encrypted messaging application that allows your readers to talk to you without them being fearful their identity is going to be revealed.

It’s a secure, GDPR compliant, robust and encrypted file system that your source can use to upload critical evidence for you. Be it an image, a video or a 2 terabyte file. And the file repository we give to you is encrypted to military grade – at rest and in transit.

Imagine the video of a major politician taking a bung. Or a major football star taking drugs.

We recently signed up the Cayman Compass and their reports via us have increased five fold.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us today and we will have you deployed on the system within 3 business days. All you have to do is advertise it in your footer so your customers can contact you securely.