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How Whistleblowing Software could Have Saved CBI’s Reputation.

Whistleblowing Software helps foster the right Environment

Recent scandals that have surrounded the Confederation of British Industry have led another business giant to fall from grace, calling the culture and safety of work in the UK into question. While what happened at the CBI is not representative of business in the UK, it taints the picture and calls into question the type of corporate environment that might breed such behaviour, as well as what can be done to help avoid it. This incident will leave a lasting impression on the company’s history, even as its director, Tony Danker, is fired.

As major corporations such as BMW, O2, Sainsbury’s, and Asda terminate their business dealings and associations with the company, the CBI can only wonder how they might have avoided this inappropriate work environment and PR disaster.

While listening to how employees might feel about everyday business dealings and making the company’s events more professional, whistleblowing software would have made the company’s culture more transparent and professional and would have acted as a strong deterrent.


Whistleblowing software - whistleblowing and risk management

Through Whistleblowing Software, you’ll get your message across faster.

Chief Executive Andy Wood voiced his opinion claiming the brand was beyond repair and would have to reinvent itself “root and branch”. While whistleblowing software is designed to avoid such cases, with the company’s management usually being on top of the story before it breaks out, what happens, when the boss of the company is tied up in the scandal like this case? Tony Danker accused the company as using him as a scapegoat, with many allegations taking place way before he was hired by the company, but this still didn’t help him when it was time to leave the company, having no severance cut and pension. The company also was left with a dwindling client list, and with all its future events getting cancelled. This shows how whistleblowing software is important to management as much as the company, how it can save your future career and retirement. Companies that have internal struggles or misconduct that goes unanswered will always find that people will try to find other ways to communicate the problem. Asda whistleblowing or CIB whistleblowing can easily bring reputable companies down, that is why Aranea offers this by first communicating the report to company leadership before bringing it to relevant authorities if needs be.

While Tony was unaware of some of his colleagues’ unease when dealing with him, how could he have missed this memo? Why was there so much delay before employees could express how they felt about his seeing their Instagram stories or feeling uncomfortable about having breakfast or lunch with him? 

Whistleblowing Software helps you report what you see at the right time.

Business culture needs to come into question when it is not clear where professionalism ends, and business lunches and karaoke starts. Once the line starts to become less clear, it’s hard to respect professional boundaries, and as the police continue to investigate drug use in the CIB workplace, it brings into question work culture and ethics.

Another issue to come to light is the ability of big organisations like the CBI to address issues once they are raised. Whistleblowing software will make it easier to address said issues, especially when it is through an independent company like Aranea where the fear of retaliation will be much lower.  Aranea and other whistleblowing software companies help foster an environment that can help and encourage employees to report misconduct and other unethical behaviour. This is good for a company that wants to avoid a situation where employees only start talking when the story becomes big in the press, and only become encouraged when they feel powerful through external means and influences. That is why big companies should step forward and provide mean through which they can report, as an example, an Asda Whistleblowing hotline, or through an independent app like Aranea that would let you voice your concerns to the right people and help bring you into contact with relevant authorities.

An Independent Whistleblowing Software like Aranea:

In circumstances like this, independent whistleblowing software is vital because it makes employees feel like they can contact someone even if the topic of their concerns is the boss, such as Tony Danker. It also helps in building a case so the right people can be held accountable and make it easier for the relevant law agencies to act and hold accountable the right people.

An independent whistleblowing software system helps reporting person get his complaints across, using the right channels, and how to know the difference between information to share and irrelevant ones. While in some cases it might take the case outside the company’s jurisdiction, it usually works to keep the company’s reputation safe and unharmed and will do so only if the case is unrelated to the company’s reputation or if it has exhausted all channels to help deliver a solution for the reporter.