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Entity Intelligence

Risk is when you don’t know you don’t know.

Acrintel helps you to understand and mitigate risk. We don’t just provide you with data. We provide you with professionally assessed information, turning it into actionable intelligence. It is graded and weighted so that you can use it protect your organisational reputation and financial risk-taking – knowing how the intelligence is graded helps you to assess it.

Risk is a fact of life. Understanding it isn’t.

Acrintel provides you with accurate, credible and reliable intelligence. Our systems ingest thousands of sources of data and make sense of it through our prorietary scoring and weighting system to help you to understand exactly who it is your in business with. It takes a huge amount of knowledge and cognitive ability for a human to decide even on the factors that make information relevant, let alone any resultant action from that.

Managing information and intelligence within nine concepts helps you to understand criminal typologies

Data Manipulation – Change Management – Data Sharing – Detection – Prevention – Operationality – Typologies – Criminal Behaviour Theory – Decision Model

Trade Based Money Laundering – Beneficial Ownership – Company Ownership – Cash Movement – Asset transfer – Comingling – Crypto – PEPs/HNW – Tax evasion – Fraud – Embezzlement – Bribery

Mitgate your risk

Acrintel alerts you to risk before it impacts your reputation so you can mitigate. Instead of a customer/supplier presenting to you that you know nothing about, Acrintel provides you with accredited intelligence and data so you can decide from an informed position what actions to take. Whether it is to stop tax evasion, to beat fraud, to stop bribery or prevent money laundering, Acrintel helps you to assess the risk you will have to mitigate.

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