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Reduce Employee Theft and Fraud

Prevent stock loss employee theft - intelligence & risk solutions
Prevent Stock Loss Employee theft

Aranea can be used to help you secure information from your business eco-system to stop Employee Theft and Fraud.

Deployed from just £49.

You can use it to receive anonymous information from your staff, customers or suppliers. Our System is unique in enabling you to secure valuable intelligence about what is going on.

Get the whole picture…

Frequently with internal fraud or theft, people inside your business (and external to it) will know what is going on. But they are afraid to be seen as the one reporting and so will not report it.

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Employee theft is up 19%

source: Zurich Insurance

By using Aranea you take away barriers to report. The reporting person can send documents or images to help you to prove what is happening.

Aranea can come with physical assets. From temporary and convert CCTV cameras, investigators and communication systems to record wrongdoing in your workplace to a full-scale investigation team to secure your assets.

Our staff are ex-police detectives their reports will be to a professional and fact-finding standard. This enables you to deal swiftly with anything found.