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Whistleblowing Platform Pricing

Price for whistleblowing platform - intelligence & risk solutions

Our Prices start at just £49.95 per month.

You’ll have access to a user-friendly portal website that lets you keep an eye on your accounts, management stats, users and messages. Additionally, there are four mobile apps designed to make message allocation and responses easier.

When you share your organisation code within your business network (which we generate for you upon joining), your customers, suppliers, and anyone you give the code to can send you messages anonymously through the system. This feature greatly benefits customer relationships and internal change management processes, among other uses.

Should the need arise, our system can handle any investigations you initiate through our investigation portal.

To broaden our service offerings, we provide an encrypted file repository. This allows you to receive massive files, even in terabyte sizes, and apply digital markers. This way, if these files are ever found elsewhere, you’ll know who shared them.

Furthermore, we offer optional add-ons, such as Encrypted Email, Encrypted Web Forms, and a Telephone Hotline, as alternative reporting channels.

We also extend an extra service to aid in investigating any reports. Our team includes trained and qualified Police Detectives and intelligence analysts who can carry out investigations on your behalf, all while ensuring complete confidentiality.