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Get Better at Loss Prevention in five steps

This article explains the concept of Loss Prevention from the standpoint of crime prevention theory and gives five easy to follow steps to reduce your losses.

Let’s dive straight in because I know you’re busy. I won’t go into the theories behind these steps, just alert you to them and you can read the links if you want the theory.

Situational Crime Prevention Theory

Situational crime prevention theory says if you increase the risk of getting caught and reduce the reward for stealing, you will make it less likely you will become a target for internal fraud or theft.

Loss Prevention Five Steps

Step One – Devise a strategy to reduce opportunities for crime in your business and increase the chances of getting caught. See retail crime prevention here. See fraud prevention here.

Step Two – Create an army of informants. All intelligence agencies rely on convert informants, why shouldn’t you? See why your staff don’t currently report things to you here. Help them to report to you here.

Step Three – Create internal marketing communications clearly outlining the help that is available for employees struggling to make ends meet. At the same time publicise your discipline policy and make theft an instant dismissal offence.

Step Four – Implement security protocols to include access control, inventory handling and surveillance.

Step Five – Train your staff in loss prevention strategies.

We can help you with surveillance, communication strategies and gaining vital intelligence to uncover who is stealing from your business.