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Supplier Management

We have software that helps us see who it is that is searching ‘Supplier Management’ on Google.

Our software tracks business IP addresses and searches coming from them to Google and the other major search engines. We know that 5,000 searches are completed every week for ‘Supplier Management’. You have probably landed on this page because our software has detected searches being made from your company and one of our team has emailed or called you.

We grade searches for accuracy and only speak to a business if the accuracy is 90% or higher that the search was made from their computer.

Why do we do this?

We can help businesses manage their supply chains to reduce the risk of compliance and regulatory fines and human slavery risk.

In an age where scandals reach the media (social and professional) at lightening speed, it is imperative ethical buisinesses protect their reputations.

We help protect businesses, especially those with long and internatioinal trading partners. We provide intelligence from every step of the supply chain to mitigate against scandal impacting your most vital asset. Your brand.

Don;t delay until the PR company is at your door telling you how to get left of the bang. Get right of the bang today.

Contact us today to start protecting your brand and organisational reputation from social and professional media scandal.