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How Does Reporting Anonymously Benefit Your Organisation?

Anonymous whistleblowing refers to the reporting of any misconduct within an organisation, while remaining completely anonymous and without disclosing any personal information.

Therefore, nobody in an organisation will know who the report came from.

In this way, reporting anonymously will protect the whistleblower from potential retaliation.

What are the advantages of receiving increased reports of misconduct?

There is still a perception of whistleblowers being a “troublemaker”, instead of the one who helps identify issues at an early stage.

Reporting anonymously - whistleblowing & risk solutions
Statistics on reporting anonymously

Reporting anonymously prevents employees from keeping silent out of fear of retaliation, instead of allowing matters to escalate.

An early detection of misconduct can prevent issues escalating into more serious problems, like financial legal or reputational damage or issues getting out into the public.

Reporting anonymously provides protection and a stronger reputation for all stakeholders within an organisation.

By reporting anonymously, it also increases feedback for improvement where it is needed.

It is recommended that organisations with more than 50 employees must have a system in place to ensure their staff can report any wrongdoing.

Leaders in organisations think they do not have any problems, simply because they do not receive reports of misconduct.

Employees feel reluctant to report wrongdoings due to the fears of retaliation and lack of trust.

We will all be naive to think that there are no issues happening within our organisations.

Studies show that employee to employer trust and the trust employees have towards HR is shockingly low.

An anonymous reporting system will help your organisation know what is happening at a faster rate.

Here’s how you can report anonymously.

Take the necessary steps now to avoid and protect yourself from matters escalating within and outside of your organisation.

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