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Fraud Protection

Fraud protection - intelligence & risk solutions

In this post, our founder, Andy Parr explains how to protect your organisation from fraud threats.

Fraud is a human driven crime

That is to say, fraud wouldn’t exist if humans didn’t act so deviously towards each other. You’re probably on this page reading this because your company suffers from it. Or at least you believe it does. You might not even know.

When you think about it, you can go and purchase the most wizbang piece of software that will have all sorts of functions. And yet no benefit. This is because to uncover fraud, you need people. And people not only investigating it, but people passing you intelligence about it.

I can’t recall a single crime I ever detected, being detected without a human at the core of it. Not just my team of detectives but people passing intelligence to us, for us to then follow the evidence.

So my question to you is this

Fraud losses - intelligence & risk solutions

How do you collect information to uncover fraud (or theft) in your organisation? And once you have collected that information, how do you convert it into intelligence?

Once it is worthy of being called intelligence, how do you convert that into evidence? Evidence that would stand up in an employment tribunal or worse a criminal court?

My guess is you don’t do any of that

And why would you? You’re not a criminal detective. I, using my experience as a senior detective, would guess that you don’t collect information from your internal people. That’s because they won’t come forward and tell you what’s going on. Because they fear the result of doing just that.

My guess is that you don’t know the difference between information and intelligence – again, why would you? It’s not your role or function to know that. It comes with years of experience dealing with serious and organised criminality. And you don’t know how to ‘convert’ intelligence into evidence to support a case for dismissing someone who has been defrauding you or stealing from you. That again requires a specialist set of skills.

And that is where we can help you

You’re probably reading this page because one of my team has contacted you to say there are searches being conducted on Google from within your network that indicate you may have a problem with fraud.

We can help you to reduce not only the threat of crime but also other threats generated inside your business. We do this by creating a way for your staff to tell you what is going on without them having to reveal their identity to you. And we then help you to turn that information into credible intelligence you can use to find the evidence to stop the rot.

Simply contact us today – we’re here to help

Andy Parr – Founder – HX5 Encrypted.

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