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Environmental compliance training:

Environmental Compliance training is more essential than ever before.

At a time when environmental concerns are becoming more significant, it is crucial that environmental regulations are enforced. Ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations set in place by governments is difficult, and for businesses that are simply concerned with gains, ignoring them is considerably simpler than following them. 

There are challenges in ensuring strict obedience to these laws, as well as the chance of misconduct and negligence. By creating policies that would replace the EU regulatory agencies, the office of environmental protection (OEP) was founded in the UK to aid in environmental protection.

Although the OEP was thought to be a move in the right direction towards environmental protection, recent revelations suggests that this may not be the case. The OEP for example, can’t stop the government from scraping hundreds of EU laws that the UK government will have repealed by the end of the year, some which were put into place to help protect the environment.

               What can be done to help strengthen the environmental protection policies of companies, especially when many laws are already being neglected? While the OEP is meant to be an independent body, that can hold the government accountable for environmental harm and compliance with laws and regulations that would safeguard the environment, it proved to have no real power when it came to politics. Their influence is not enough to persuade the government into listening to their advice. The idea of environmental compliance training will benefit businesses and organisations because it helps shield them from negligence and scandals that could hit them should they fail to uphold regulations in place. When they make an effort to promote environmental consciousness, it can also help them reach more customers.  Employees that go through environmental compliance training have more understanding of their legal obligations and ethical commitments towards the environmental at the workplace. Apps, like Aranea, can help these employees alert supervisors or independent bodies of wrongdoings. At the end of the year, when regulations are removed, it will be in the hand of the employees to make sure that they are not harming the environment, should no new regulations be put in place of old ones.

Environmental compliance training - intelligence & risk solutions

Environmental compliance training for better air quality:

               Reducing nitrogen oxides and ammonia were part of government plans, and by removing these regulations, industries across the UK can simply operate without adhering to any new rules in place. The OEP can organise campaigns to raise awareness of environmental problems and provide money for relevant research. If the OEP is effective in raising awareness of the issue, the government will pay closer attention to their concerns and might take bigger steps in ensuring the right regulations are in place. The government can also offer incentives such as lower taxes should businesses and organisations voluntarily reduce their emissions and take steps towards better environmental control. To ensure that businesses are acting ethically, the government should demand that whistleblowing software be installed as part of the agreement. This will prevent businesses from making the same mistakes as water companies such as Thames Water, which were recently the target of lawsuits and may have to pay hundreds of millions of pounds in fines for violating environmental laws. To benefit from environmental protection, businesses should be required to deploy data gathering and monitoring equipment. Employees will find it simpler to keep an eye on the situation and alert their managers or relevant authorities to any issues.

               Environmental Compliance Training: How you can help your city through apps like Aranea.

Sebastian Coe, two-time Olympic champion, has warned about the damaging impact poor air quality can have on holding sports events in places such as London. Because of its polluted atmosphere, London will not be considered for the World Athletics Championships, and other events may be ruled out in the near future if the UK fails to meet specific environmental standards. Environmental compliance training allows you to become more aware of how to care for the environment, what to look out for, and what to report.  Aranea, an independent reporting app, may be put in both businesses to assist employees in reporting to senior levels of management while remaining anonymous, and it can also be used by independent reporters who have witnessed something and wish to report it to appropriate authorities. If you are unsure who to contact, Aranea can swiftly connect you to the right people. Responders, who are available 24 hours a day, forward your messages promptly and assist you in gathering evidence to support your case.