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Creating An Effective Whistleblowing Policy Template

Create a robust whistleblowing policy with our comprehensive guide and ready-to-use template.

Ensure a safe and ethical work environment for your employees.

Whistleblowing is an act of an individual, often an employee, that discloses important information about unethical or illegal activities within an organisation.

The use of external whistleblowing systems has been proven to be the best way to report such activities.

Having a whistleblowing policy in place maintains the reputation for an organisation and promotes ethical behaviour.

A whistleblowing policy also protects whistleblowers from retaliation and ensures that reports will get dealt with seamlessly and effectively.

Whistleblowing policy - whistleblowing & risk solutions

Employees will know where and who to report any misconduct or suspicions of any illegal activities.

It also provides reassurance for employees that they will be protected.

Employee confidentiality and anonymity.

Whistleblower Protection Policy

A whistleblowing policy will have a clear explanation of how reports will be handled discreetly.

It outlines procedures for reporting anonymously, which will protect the identity of the whistleblower.

Thus, protecting the whistleblower from any form of retaliation.

You can download all of these templates FOR FREE and use them as a basis to write your own. Copy with pride! They’re all ACAS approved and legally robust.

Business Process Document Templates

Templates that help you with the process of HR and Grievance management. From letters to be sent to employees to disciplinary notices. All written by ACAS.

Whistleblowing Policy Template

Of course no one size fits all policy can be cut and pasted into any business. But the template we provide does give you a start to grasp the main points of any whistleblowing policy. You can adapt it to your needs.

‘Other’ Policy Document Templates

Templates written by ACAS and provided by us for free. From policy to procedure and everything inbetween.

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