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Businesses Unwittingly Using External Messaging Platforms

The term is ‘Shadow IT’.

The meaning is your business is failing to provide its staff with secure communications channels and so they pick their own, frequently, insecure platforms.

You can pick any one of ten well known, almost ubiquitous ‘secure’ platforms they could be using. And by not giving your staff a platform for them to use, you’re essentially outsourcing your IT provision to them. They will pick the platform they like. It might be Facebook messenger, Whatsapp or Telegram.

How well are those systems storing your sensitive company data do you think? And while we’re at it, is it actually end to end encrypted? In which country are you having your sensitive data placed and how secure is the data in their data-centre. Does it meet the rigours of privacy and security compliance?

The answer is most definitely ‘No’.

For example, many, including the French President Emmanuel Macron think ‘Telegram’ is encrypted when it isn’t. You can imagine his embarrassment when he so proudly told a bunch of Journalists he sent all of his State messages over Telegram.

Aranea is encrypted, stored in Microsoft Azure, meets ISO 27001 and is locked up tight and secure so you can rest easy at night.

Not knowing you don’t know is dangerous. Not knowing what platform your staff are using to transfer sensitive information is dangerous to your business. Switch to Aranea today.