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Whistleblowing Under the New EU Whistleblowing Directive and Misconduct at Work examples:

Misconduct at Work Examples and work culture:

Some misconduct at work examples are sexual harassment, fraud, theft, and discrimination. It’s important to be able to identify them in work settings, especially if you are a new employee and not sure about the work culture. The reputation of both you and your company depends on you speaking up when you witness inappropriate behavior, especially in today’s business settings, when the media and the public can quickly run an organisation out of business because of allegations.

Training employees on how to use a whistleblowing system and the best ways to make sure their supervisors are aware of what is happening on the ground is part of what makes an organisation accountable and transparent, thus protecting it from accusations and fostering a healthy work environment. Giving employees misconduct at work examples and setting up an internal whistleblowing system are two ways in which an employer can make his company more ethical.

Misconduct at work examples - intelligence & risk solutions

Dates To have the App before:

Starting from the 1st of December 2023, all companies with over 250 employees in Germany will be fined 20,000 euros if they do not have an internal whistleblowing system, and on the 17th, all companies under 50 will be fined. All financial institutions have to have it regardless of the number of employees. In addition to ensuring that its businesses are upholding corporate integrity, Germany, which is renowned for its strong work ethics and solid legal system, is taking this significant step because it is now required by EU law. These dates also apply to UK registered businesses, who do business in the EU.

When the system is implemented for the right reasons, it will benefit the business; however, if it is implemented without making sure that employees feel free to voice their concerns, it might not have any impact, and employees will still feel distant from their managers or afraid to speak because of fear of retaliation. 

One of the key ways to make sure that the employees are benefiting from a good whistleblowing system is to set up an independent one. An independent company like HX5encrypted will make sure that you do not have to go through all the hassle of making sure the system works, and will allow you to get relevant information so that you are not spammed by concerned employees that might not be sure of what to report. 

Educate your employees on different Misconduct at work examples and how to use a whistleblowing app.

Aranea, our independent app has proven its capability as a fast responder, which tries to help solve all problems internally by taking the reports to relevant figures in the organisation. The reporter is also less concerned about retaliation as Aranea is fully anonymous and incapable of finding out the reporter’s ID. Aranea being an external provider will mean that the IT system will be fully managed by HX5 Encrypted, with the organisation’s managers getting their own app that allows them to receive the latest important reports from their own company. By being given misconduct at work examples and taught how to avoid being a victim and speaking late, the business is able to keep it’s professionalism and work ethics high.

As not all reports can qualify under whistleblower protection by law, Aranea makes sure that employees can still feel safe when coming forward. While the employers and HR team take careful steps to make sure that staff being fired or dismissed are not reporters or having this action taken against them because of whistleblowing, some things are better reported as grievances and not whistleblowing; this is why training is vital. 

Because of this, Aranea provides a crucial service to reputable employers who want to learn about misconduct that could harm the company’s reputation. Install Aranea in your company before the deadline and help us provide for your company.