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Whistleblowing Statistics – Are You an Outlier?

The below whistleblowing statistics were taken from 900 businesses with over 4 Million employees included.

Number of Whistleblowing Reports

Cross Industry number of reports per employee is – one report for every four hundred and twenty employees. But what is the number per industry? It increases to as high as one report per one hundred and sixty staff. If you are not getting numbers of report around these figures it will be because your staff do not trust the system you have. We found 36% of employees do not believe internal systems are anonymous and so do not report up via those systems. To encourage reporting firms have to have independent systems that are not linked to the firms IT.

Average volume of reports whistleblowing statistics - whistleblowing & risk solutions

Reporting Person Status – Whistleblowing Statistics

From where do the reports come, an employee or someone external?

Because Aranea Whistleblowing is totally independent from the firm, it can be circulated outside of the firm itself, to the firm’s eco-system. This encourages external partners (customers/suppliers/contractors) to report inside the firm – saving on costly external reviews by law firms or worse court cases. It allows the firm to resolve in-house. The below figures show an increasing volume of external reports which can support the firm’s efforts to resolve inside the company protecting people and reputations.

Whistleblowing reporting person status - whistleblowing & risk solutions

Classification of Report

The below chart divides into broad headings, the type of report being made. The fact these reports are being made internally to firms gives them chance to resolve and identifies a culture of support and ethical leadership. If these firms did not have an internal reporting structure these reports could end up being made externally with reputational damage and litigation highly likely results. With 1/6th of reports about dishonesty and likely being made against staff within the firm it is critical this information gets to senior leaders. This could be related to theft from the firm or other form of fraud or embezzlement. The essence of a whistleblowing platform is to bring to the attention of senior staff, wrongdoing in the workplace. Without anonymous reporting mechanisms, this information would likely not get reported. If a firm uncovers reports of this nature HX5 Encrypted, via our whistleblowing system Aranea, can help firms investigate reports – we have ex-police detectives to manage the inquiries and provide detailed reports. Investigative techniques can include surveillance equipment inside the firm (CCTV/Call recording) and digital examinations of records for cyber crime. We also provide a service to ensure policy to cover this and data protection are up to scratch to protect the firms assets.

Classification of whistleblowing report - whistleblowing & risk solutions

Whistleblowing Statistics – Dishonesty

The below chart breaks down the reports of Dishonesty further. It highlights the importance of ensuring the reports are evidentially captured to support further investigation and possible referral to the police.

Whistleblowing dishonesty reports - whistleblowing & risk solutions

With one in five reports relating to fraud it is critical any firm receiving these reports has mechanisms in place to investigate the reports. Especially if the firm is losing asset because of the dishonesty.

One way of encouraging reports of this nature (and to dissuade dishonesty in your firm) is to have the marketing of the system outsourced. HX5 can manage an internal marketing campaign for your system so that your staff know it is an external firm running the platform and not your internal management. This will make your staff more likely to submit reports and thereby reduce your reputational, financial and legal risk profile.