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Whistleblowing In Non-Profit And Charity Organisations

Non-profit and charity organisations operate with the main goal of serving for the well-being of the public.

To successfully achieve their main goals and maintain public trust, these types of organisations must uphold high standards of moral principles.

The top priority for this type of organisation is to protect their reputation and to maintain public and donor trust.

  • Non-profit organisations: They come to the aid for public causes without profit gain.

Therefore, the money that they receive must be used for their specific cause and cannot be used for the organisation itself.

They do not have spending requirements by law.

Their purpose is to help those in need and they focus more on philanthropic activities.

By law, they can only spend a certain amount of their funds per year.

Financial malpractice -This includes embezzlement or fraudulent activities.

Deception of organisational goals – Deviously providing false information to donors or regulatory bodies in order to pursue in activities that does not align with with the organisations goals.

Unethical behaviour – Harassment or discrimination towards employees or volunteers.

News Report of a Charity Scam:

Seven people received jail time in 2024 after deviously collecting funds for personal gain.

An estimated amount of £500,000 were collected “supposedly” for multiple charity organisations.

BBC Children in Need, the Children’s Society and Mind were some of the victims of this inhumane fraudulent activity.

Non-profit and charity - whistleblowing & risk solutions

Why? One mishap, like fraud, can completely destroy a non-profit or charity organisation’s reputation.

Therefore, whistleblowing promotes sustainability for non-profit and charity organisations.

Advantages of Whistleblowing for Non-Profit and Charity Organisations:

Maintains reputation – As stated, this is a top priority for these types of organisations. By encouraging whistleblowing, organisations can deal with issues at an early stage.

This will prevent lack of trust in donors, volunteers and the public.

Goal driven organisation – An organisation’s main aim will continue to remain intact by encouraging whistleblowing.

Ethical practices – Whistleblowers can assist with the prevention of any lawsuits or other repercussions due to suspicions of unethical activities.

Creates a moral culture – Whistleblowing can ensure an increase in donors and volunteers as it creates a stable culture.

  • Create a clear whistleblowing policy to ensure that it is easily accessible for volunteers and all stakeholders.
  • Provide an anti-retaliation policy for the protection of whistleblowers.
  • Investigate all reports of misconduct quickly and effectively, and ensure that suitable measures for misconduct are taken place.
  • Implement a secure and encrypted whistleblowing channel for volunteers and all stakeholders to feel comfortable to report any wrongdoings.

This is for the greater cause of society after all.

So we encourage your charity or NFP organisation to have full protection from damaging your reputation.

The best part is that we provide an intelligent, fully encrypted and anonymous reporting channel, called Aranea.

Let us help protect your organisation now.