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Student Career Help

Hello and welcome to HX5 Encrypted. We build software platforms for business.

Having left school with virtually no qualifications I joined the Royal Navy. I became a Marine Engineer and studied while at Sea to improve my qualifications.

I completed 7 years in the Navy before leaving to settle down into Married life.

I joined the Police.

I did 26 years in the police qualifying in several internal professional examinations and completing lots of courses. I finished up a Detective Inspector and I have led and managed several high profile investigations in my career.

In 2007 I went to Bradford University and got my MBA.

Towards the end of my time in the police I applied to go to Afghanistan, I was successful and went and mentored an Afghan Colonel in intelligence and infiltration tactics.

While there I blew the whistle on some illegal activity and so I know what it is like to go through the process of being a whistleblower. It is difficult and potentially career ending.

In 2018 I retired from the police and went to the Cayman Islands where I qualified as an Anti-money laundering expert. I worked in private wealth for four years before returning to the UK and setting up HX5.

Why am I telling you this?

Because although you are doing a degree and will no doubt have a glittering career ahead of you, there is nothing more important than experience. And gaining experience in the workplace is what will set you up for your successful career. Because I had a less than auspicious start to my academic life, I am keen to support those that are trying to get on the ladder of success and here at HX5 we want to ensure students have a route to their chosen career.

Because we are a start up we can’t offer you oodles of lovely cash. But we can promise you the ride of a lifetime as we launch our products into the market.

I will be trying every marketing trick there is to get noticed. This includes with the press. You will be part of this effort.

The first software solution we have built is a whistleblowing application (now you know why I told you the above). Having experienced this myself, I want to ensure anyone thinking of doing the right thing is protected from nefarious leadership who are misguided in their ambition.

Our second product we are seeking investment to build. It is called Acrintel. It will increase the checks banks do on wire transfers and will facilitate an intelligence network where the banks can assess each others customers for money laundering and tax evasion risk without being given commercially sensitive information (this is the second reason I told you about the above!).

What are your opportunities with HX5.

They are:

  1. To help us build a brand ambassador network to secure real traction on social media, facebook, linkedin and twitter being the main three.
  2. Get an internship and come and help us create sales opportunities through marketing and sales activities.

We will pay you for the time you spend with us but we’re not going to turn you into Elon Musk (thank god I hear you cry!) What we will do is bolster your CV into something that sings out ‘you are to be reckoned with’ and not only are you academically bright but you have some workplace experience too.

So send me a message to explain how you can help us to achieve. I will respond to all of you while this offer is open. I anticipate some demand so get in early!

Thanks for reading and good luck in your chosen career path.

Andy Parr

Founder HX5 Encrypted.