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Rat, Snitch, Troublemaker, Traitor or none of the above?

Brave whistleblowers change society for the better.

Every company (including yours) has people in it that care. It also has people in it that have a criminal conviction.

So whether you think your staff care or you think you might have a problem with internal crime, you need a system to let those that care report – in anonymity if need be.

Whistleblowing system deterrent - intelligence & risk solutions

Shocking Statistic

More than half of Finance workers have witnessed fraud, yet four in five won’t report it to you.

Don’t be the boss with your fingers in your ears. Don’t be the boss that naively thinks everything is hunkydory – it isn’t and you don’t want to be the one finding out after the horse has bolted.

Whether you, as a senior executive, believe in whistleblowing or not, it is happening in increasing volume and it will impact your business hugely if you allow it to reach Facebook.

Facilitating a way for your staff to report is ensuring you maintain control of the narrative and management of the problem. Not the baying media.

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