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Protect Your Business

Social Media and Journalists are gaining more traction securing sensitive reports from offshore entities. The weakest link in any business is the human. It’s not cyber and it’s not your IT.

Leaks come from people

Whether they do it through negligence or whether they do it deliberately, it is more important than ever you secure your perimeter.

How we can Help

Aranea is our encrypted and anonymous reporting application that facilitates internal reporting of wrongdoing in your business. It enables your whole eco-system to report to you what could go external if you don’t get chance to manage it. Aranea enables you to be told before anyone else leaks something.

Fines are Getting Huge

In 2023 a single whistleblower was rewarded $278 million for blowing the whistle to the SEC in the US. Don’t allow this to happen to you. Find out first.