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Poor Whistleblowing Procedures In The Workplace

More employees feel comfortable to blow the whistle externally, due to an organisation’s poor whistleblowing procedures.

In the UK, new research shows that 52% of employees now understand the importance of whistleblowing because of high media whistleblowing coverage.

Media coverage plays an extremely important role in the reputation of an organisation.

Take the media coverage’s of the tragedies of Boeing and the NHS as examples.

This shows that more employees are now heavily influenced to publicly blow the whistle, because of poor whistleblowing procedures and the increase in bad press for organisations in 2024.

It is also a big opportunity for an organisation’s competitors to take full advantage.

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Organisations with poor whistleblowing procedures fail to handle reports of wrongdoing effectively.

There are many factors that show the ineffectiveness of poor whistleblowing procedures within organisations.

As much as an organisation trusts internal whistleblowing systems, your employees unfortunately do not.

An employee’s fear of retaliation is the top reason for this.

Some employees do not know who to report wrongdoing to, due to ineffective internal reporting systems.

The lack of a whistleblowing policy or effective procedures is another factor that shows an organisation’s poor whistleblowing procedures.

All these factors and many more, are a recipe for employees to blow the whistle externally. See for example in the case at McDonalds Restaurants.

This results in a tarnished reputation, bad press, lawsuits, loss of partners and investors, etc.

The list goes on and on.

The FCA is a financial governmental body that operates independently in the United Kingdom.

Below showcase’s the data they’ve received by whistleblowers and financial firms.

276 whistleblowing reports were received between October to December 2022.

280 whistleblowing reports were received between July to September 2023.

249 whistleblowing reports were received between October to December 2023.

A total of 649 disclosures from 249 whistleblowers were received by the FCA in October to December 2023.

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Between October to December 2023, 67 whistleblowers out of 249 decided to remain anonymous.

NHS Whistleblowers’ collectively state…

Leaders “cover up”, harass, discriminate, blackmail and unfairly dismiss their employees that blow the whistle for patient safety concerns.

NHS whistleblowers make the decision to report externally – damaging the NHS’s reputation.

The public now have the belief, in particular in Maternity services, that it is “unsafe” to get treated under NHS care.

Boeing Whistleblowers stated…

Boeing whistleblowers’ had reported multiple times about defective plane parts.

Unfortunate events occurred after Boeing planes had crashed, resulting in negative media coverage and a significant drop in the share price of the company.

Boeing CEO has admitted to retaliations against their wistleblowers, which caused them to report externally to the company.

He also sent out his apologies to the families involved in the plane crash tragedies.

No organisation wants bad press.

Organisations making media headlines can come from anyone and not only employees that blow the whistle on wrongdoing.

Protecting your organisation from bad coverage is vital, due to the increasing number of whistleblowing reports every year.

Aranea is a reporting channel.

It is secure.

It is encrypted to military grade.

It is an anonymous reporting channel for your employees, customers and all stakeholders.

Keep your organisation’s integrity intact.

Avoid bad press for your organisation.

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