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NHS – Can it Improve?

The NHS will claim it has ‘whistleblowing ‘ policies and processes for staff to report. Yet it is not anonymous and the organisation has attacked those reporting. 48% of individuals say that they won’t report on internal systems because they know they can be identified.

That doubles the chances of patient harm.

And yet the scandals just keep coming.

For the NHS the lack of care, quality and comprehension beggars belief and people lose their lives (Letby, Infected Blood, High Mid-Staffs mortality, Dr Rosalind Ranson, Dr Chris Day, body parts at Alder Hey and on and on).

The repeated scndals involving people trying to report wrongdoing then being rounded upon also seem to grow in the NHS. Letby was reported by clinicians and rather than deal with the suspicions, the leadership decided to admonish the reporting individuals. In West Sussex Hospital leaders there actually tried to get staff fingerprints and hand-writing samples to uncover a whistleblower. This resulted in an unprecedented drop in the Hospitals rating by the CQC from ‘Outstanding’ to ‘Requires Improvement’.

Somewhere along the NHS Leaders journey, they seem to lose their moral compass and resolve to protect the organisation even when it is blindingly obvious they should be actually supporting transparency. What we at HX5 can never seem to reconcile, is how leaders who fail to grasp the immediacy or seriousness of an allegation, actually believe they can cover it up. How they come to make such irrational decisions – when decision making is supposed to be the skill they have.

We support whistleblowers with a totally anonymous, encrypted and secure way to report wrongdoing to their NHS organisation in complete safety.

We do this for free

Share this news with your colleagues in the NHS who want to do the right thing and report something today. We will help them get online with our system and ensure their report goes to the right department. Our system then facilitates a communication channel between the two parties.

Contact us to learn more before your NHS department hits the headlines for all the wrong reasons.