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Need stories?

Every journalist is on the hunt for news or an angle on that news.

- whistleblowing software and aml risk solutions

The problem is, many don’t trust them.

What is an honest ‘hack’ to do?

We have built a part of our whistleblowing platform to allow journalists and lawyers to ‘pitch’ to the whistleblower for their news/legal case.

Journalists can only be part of the system and ‘pitched’ to the whistleblower if they join the platform. Contact us below supplying your employer/website, your name and contact details and we will consider adding you to the platform.

And it gets better…

We recently signed up a newspaper to use our platform to secure anonymous reports direct from the public. The system includes an encrypted file repository that the source can upload files, even terabytes in size.

It starts at £49.95 to deploy it on your website. Just a simple link for the source to download our mobile application and start to talk to you directly. Contact us if you want a demonstration of its capabilities. It’s news waiting for you!