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Learn How to Anonymously Report Animal Abuse

In today’s world, it is important to know how to anonymously report animal abuse as more abuses come to light across the UK. Protecting the welfare of animals on farms and in households is part of our responsibility, and acting effectively against it can help make the conditions they live in more humane.

Like people, animals are sentient beings who should have their emotions and suffering taken into account when determining the conditions under which they are kept. By knowing how to anonymously report animal abuse, you can protect stakeholders, especially as more animals that are not fit to be put on the table are delivered to supermarkets and restaurants every day. 

While the majority of reports focus on cruel mistreatment of animals on farms, there are other ways that animals can be abused, including illegal breeding and animal fighting. Knowing what to report is essential because many of the inhumane conditions that animals are kept in are legal. Therefore, identifying situations like being given illegal growth hormone or not having enough space to lie down are crucial first steps in understanding how to report animal abuse. 

Experience Is Not Important When Understanding How to Anonymously Report Animal Abuse.

How to anonymously report animal abuse - intelligence & risk solutions

After undercover workers captured what actually occurred on the chicken farms connected to the supermarket giant, Co-Op, videos of the farms that supplied the company went viral. As animals lay in deformed states, unable to eat or drink, what was advertised could not be found. The employees were seen laughing while they disposed of animals in trash cans. It is demoralizing to learn that there are not many workers who are willing to speak out against these working conditions and that it took an extensive undercover operation involving three Open Cages activists to expose these mistreatments. 

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What is Animal Abuse?

We give ten examples here.

Physical Abuse, Neglect, Abandonment, Overwork, Animal Testing, Hoarding, Entertainment Exploitation, Illegal Breeding Operations, Animal Fighting and Poaching and Wildlife Trafficking

Knowing how to report animal abuse anonymously guards against the risks you might be taking when submitting your concern, helping keep your reputation intact. Knowing your identity is hidden by using a third-party app like Aranea also helps alleviate the pressure by knowing that someone will take action and address the situation immediately. The risk of retaliation becomes considerably lower, which encourages a more transparent and accountable approach to the way farms do business. 

How To Anonymously Report Animal Abuse Using Aranea:

Collecting evidence and documenting what is taking place can be hard for activists, especially when the neglect is so clear. Still, making sure a detailed record is kept can help strengthen your case and make it successful. Aranea, with its vast experience and knowledge in the field, helps direct you towards what to look out for and how to record it down without getting yourself into legal trouble. 

Aranea is an independent third party app that helps foster a more transparent and accountable approach when it comes to how businesses operate. Given the situation on certain farms and how far animal abuse goes, Aranea can be downloaded for free by individuals in certain cases to help them identify and anonymously report the abuses.

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