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Latest Whistleblowing News

Whistleblowing is never far from the news. We believe this reflects not only the human cost paid by whistleblowers but also the importance of what they do.

Below are the latest whistleblowing stories on the BBC


  1. Whistleblowers – is there a cover up culture in the NHS? Former NHS worker Paul Calvert shares what becoming a whistleblower has done to him.
    • Attribution BBC News
  2. Head of review into whistleblower tribunal named
    • Attribution BBC
    • Posted 22 June
    Richard Wright KC
  3. HARDtalk. Daniel Ellsberg: The dangers of military might. Audio, 23 minutesHARDtalkDaniel Ellsberg: The dangers of military might
    • Another chance to listen to the 2022 interview with the Pentagon Papers whistleblower
      • Attribution BBC World Service
  4. Whistleblowing medic could progress second claimRosalind Ranson
  5. Whistleblower does not regret raising bishop fearsRobert Byrne in his robes
  6. Committee to review government’s tribunal handling
    • Attribution BBC
    • Posted16 May
    Alfred Cannan in Tynwald
  7. Chief Minister apologises to whistleblower
    • Attribution BBC
    • Posted9 May9 May
    Alfred Cannan in the House of Keys
  8. Whistleblower says career shattered by treatment
    • Attribution BBC
    • Posted4 May
    Rosalind Ranson
  9. Whistleblower awarded more than £3m compensation
    • Attribution BBC
    • Posted 2 May
    Rosalind Ranson
  10. Whistleblower compensation hearing closesRosalind Ranson
  11. Tribunal told whistleblower’s employability harmedDr Rosalind Ranson
  12. Whistleblower’s document concoction claim rejectedRosalind Ranson
  13. Tribunal slanted against whistleblower, lawyer says
    • Attribution BBC Cumbria
    • Posted 17 January
    Alison McDermott
  14. My hospital declared war on me – surgeonSurgeon John Watkinson
  15. Ambulance whistleblower sacked over absencePeter Calvert
  16. HARDtalk. Daniel Ellsberg – Pentagon Papers Whistleblower. Video, 24 minutesHARDtalkDaniel Ellsberg – Pentagon Papers Whistleblower
    • Stephen Sackur speaks to Daniel Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers whistleblower.
      • Attribution BBC World News
  17. Uber whistleblower: ‘We had easy access to power’ Video, 00:03:22Uber whistleblower: ‘We had easy access to power’
      • Posted 11 July 2022
        • Mark MacGann, former Uber exec
  18. Bid to modernisation Manx employment lawsOffice
  19. UN sexual abuse claims ‘must be investigated’
    • Attribution BBC World
    • Posted 21 June 2022
    Purna Sen
  20. Ambulance deaths whistleblower wants public inquiryPaul Calvert
  21. Whistleblower vet awarded £1.25m and apologyDr Tamara Bronckaers
  22. ’20 hour delays’ as ambulance staff struggle
    • Attribution BBC Norfolk
    • Posted 14 April 2022
    Ambulance on the road
  23. Police anti-terror IT was not fit for purpose – ex-officer
    • Attribution BBC UK
    • Posted1 3 April 2022
    Former counter-terrorism officer Tony Thorne
  24. Hospital patient sent ‘whistleblower’ letters