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Welcome to our Mobile apps help page.

Possible Mobile App Issues

  1. Loss Of Connection – Our apps maintain connections to the server to allow messages to go to and from devices. Sometimes, if the internet drops out, this connection can be closed. If you are getting a message saying you have lost connection, close the app and re-open it and the connection will be re-established.
  2. Slow opening a concern – The responder to your concern can be within the organisation you report about (if they have opened an account with us) or one of our staff. Our staff are all based in the UK. So please bear with us if your concern isn’t allocated immediately. It’s either outside of our control because it is being managed by the organisation you report about, or our staff will get around to you as soon as possible.
  3. Account and data deletion – You will notice there is no ‘account deletion’ function in the apps. You can delete the app from your device but this does not delete the messages you have sent via the app. This is because the ‘receiving’ device user also has the messages and they also have legal rights to the messages. We subsequently retain these messages for legal proceedings if they have been commenced. This protects both parties to the messages from malicious communications that are sent to cause personal or commercial upset/loss/costs. In our terms and conditions it is made clear that users of the platform should not send data that is inappropriate, illegal or unreliable. We can be legally required to retain messages by a court and so until full legal proceedings have completed we cannot delete messages that a user has sent. As soon as we are legally able to delete all data we do so. You should also note that because our platform allows anonymous use, your identity will not be divulged to any third party. You should use anonymous email and username when you sign up.