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Elizabeth Holmes Boyfriend Sunny: who is he and why did he get a longer sentence?

Elizabeth holmes boyfriend sunny - whistleblowing & risk solutions

Elizabeth Holmes boyfriend Sunny is her much less known conspirator in the Theranos project fraud saga. He met her when she was still a high school student, in Beijing, China, both were taking a course in Mandarin. They were only friends at the time, with most records pointing to them dating two years later. That is when Holmes quit work to work full-time on her startup, Theranos, with her boyfriend Sunny eventually joining as an investor. The intertwined personal and professional lives of both eventually lead to the downfall of the company. So how was Elizabeth Holmes boyfriend Sunny a central figure in this fraud?

Elizabeth Holmes boyfriend Sunny was the COO, but no one knew of their relationship:

Elizabeth holmes boyfriend balwani - whistleblowing & risk solutions

Sunny Balwani, who joined Theranos as COO in 2009, quickly became an important member of the company’s leadership. His investments and high work ethics helped the company grow, but the organisation’s dynamics were muddled by Holmes’ romantic engagement, the first act being when she vowed to secure money for the company through Sunny investing in it, which resulted in her not being dismissed from the board. The company, led by Elizabeth and Sunny, claimed that only a few drops of blood were required to perform a thorough test, whereas standard procedures would require a larger amount of blood to be extracted. After investing millions of dollars in 2009, Elizabeth Holmes boyfriend Sunny would soon be an important figure in day to day operations, overseeing the lab and testing of the new technology, which if it had stood up to their claims, would have revolutionised the medical industry. This would later come back to haunt him when the judge handed down the sentence.

Elizabeth Holmes’ boyfriend Sunny Balwani’s Achilles heel may have been a whistleblower:

The company received hundreds of millions of dollars from investors, and large pharmaceutical corporations began partnering with them as they waited for the technology to be ready for use. Tyler Schlutz, son of former Secretary of State George Schlutz, was the first whistleblower to come forward. He could see something was off track when he worked with her blood testing technology at Theranos. Blowing the whistle on what he saw was not easy, with Holmes hiring private investigators and lawyers to intimidate him. He also had to ignore the advice of his father and broke the story to the Wall street journal. This helped bring the company down, but not before investors had lost their money as the company imploded. While many companies would be required these days to have a whistleblowing app or software installed to help alert management and higher levels in this situation, sadly it took up to three years to be able to bring the story to light. While Theranos’ flaws were well known among the employees, having the COO supervise and monitor them may have made them reluctant to speak up. Apps like Aranea, would keep you anonymous, and would quickly connect you to relevant people on the board, or a lawyer to help you alert an issue, which in this case would have saved the investors millions, and Elizabeth Holmes boyfriend Sunny, a long time in jail.  

Elizabeth Holmes boyfriend Sunny was not the final decision maker at the company :

In today’s business context, accountability and transparency are two crucial foundations of any organisation, and Aranea, an independent whistleblower software, may easily have made a situation like this less probable. While Schlutz had to go undercover and later face the wrath of Theranos, which had powerful board members such as former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former Defence Secretary William Perry, Aranea would keep you anonymous, and with its founder having personal experience dealing with whistleblowing issues, all legal options would be taken to make sure you and your future are safe. Many whistleblowers struggle to find work after exposing misconduct, which is why Aranea takes all details into consideration when you report to one of our responders. While Elizabeth Holmes boyfriend Sunny might have kept many people quiet, you will always have a way around individuals like him with Aranea.