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Don’t Lose Your Whistleblower’s Reward:

In the US you can get a Whistleblower’s reward under the Dodd-Frank Act for reporting misconduct and fraud they observe, with their share of the recovered assets ranging from 10 to 30 percent.

Whistleblowers are shielded from retaliation by having the right to remain anonymous when reporting. The rewards also assist whistleblowers in overcoming any potential challenges they may encounter when looking for work and other challenges that may arise as a result of their actions. Simply put, those who file reports in accordance with Dodd-Frank are able to do so more effectively, which helps promote a more transparent and accountable financial sector as well as other industries where fraud may occur.

Now let’s take a look at why some people might find themselves not eligible for a whistleblower’s reward and the steps to take to avoid this. 

‘Voluntary’ Whistleblowing Can Result In You Missing Out On a Whistleblower’s Reward:

Should a whistleblower report to the media, a government agency, the US embassy, or other authorities before coming to the Securities Exchange Authority (SEC), then they might be opted out of their whistleblower’s reward. The safeguards and financial incentives that encourage many whistleblowers to come forward in the fight against transnational crime are taken away, which can be ineffective in the fight against financial fraud and cause fraud to go unnoticed.

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What is the Largest Whistleblower reward?

$276 million was awarded to a whistlebower in 2023. This is currently the largest.

The SEC must modernise its definition of ‘voluntary’ whistleblowing in order to better protect those who come forward and report through other authorities in order to combat corruption. If the SEC contacts the authorities the whistleblower reported to first or if he faces a congressional hearing, his whistleblower’s reward is forfeited. As reporting to authorities anything that one may see connected to the case seems to be the right initial step, this can appear to undermine and complicate the Dodd-Frank Act’s purpose.

Steps to Protect Your Whistleblower’s Reward:

Internally raising the alarm is frequently one of the first steps whistleblowers take. They choose to contact the appropriate authorities and after realise that this may not have been the best course of action. They might commit the error of failing to inform the SEC of it quickly enough. The Dodd-Frank Act gives the reporter 120 days to report to the SEC after raising the alarm within the organisation; failing to do so could prevent him from being eligible for a whistleblower’s reward.

Download Aranea to learn how to report confidentiality here. Aranea staff will make sure your report to the SEC is submitted at the same time as you submit reports to other pertinent authorities is an additional crucial step to take. This is the most crucial aspect of safeguarding your reward. Also take into consideration that talking to the media or having unreliable data might affect the size of the reward. Staff at Aranea assist with legal support and the process to report to the SEC. This complicated process needs a helping hand to ensure the report isn’t written off for an award.

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Aranea, Designed For Whistleblowers:

Depending on where they are, whistleblowers may be discouraged from coming forward even though the Dodd-Frank act was designed to protect them and ensure that they are not subjected to retaliation. Whistleblowers run the risk of losing their jobs, incurring financial loss, and having their reputations tarnished, which may make them question whether they should come forward. Because of this, it is crucial that they understand the rules and how to successfully navigate the challenging world of whistleblowing. At HX5 Encrypted, we watch out for your rights to the fullest extent possible and make sure that you do not lose out on your whistleblower reward. Additionally, we ensure your anonymity and advise through a lawyer on any legal actions you may need to take if you believe you have been treated unfairly. 

The founder of Aranea, Andy Parr who raised the alarm while working with the military, built the platform after seeing firsthand the effects of doing the right thing. Because of this, our app is made to protect whistleblowers while directing you on what and who to report. With Aranea, you can move forward with confidence because we are professionals in the field of reporting confidentially. 

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