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Doing the Right Thing

Alerting someone to wrongdoing can be difficult. You know what you are witnessing or hearing about is wrong. But should you tell anyone?

Frequently people who ‘blow the whistle’ get retaliated against.

So we Built Aranea to Protect You

Doing the right thing can also be hugely rewarding. Not only in terms of your own self-esteem but also financially. Aranea can help you to report to the authorities if the offending company or person doesn’t change their behaviour.

$278 Million Reward

In 2023 one whistleblower was awarded $278 million for reporting a financial crime to the Securities Exchange Commission in the USA. However, this is difficult to do and fraught with traps. If you don’t report correctly your anonymity can be broken and you won’t get a reward.

By reporting through Aranea, we protect your identity until we know you WILL get a reward and are protected. Even we do not know who you are. Everything you tell us is encrypted to military grade so on one is going to find out it is you.

We are in the UK

No need to worry about someone in your community finding out. Our systems are all cyber locked down and based in Europe and the USA. So no one is getting into them and no idle gossip is getting out.

Report Anonymously Today

Simply download the app (the link is below) and report via Aranea what you know. We will ensure your report goes to the appropriate organisation to deal with your concern.

Download the App and Report Now – Encrypted and Safe

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Android aranea whistleblowing app - intelligence & risk solutions