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Covert bullying in schools and how it can be addressed using a whistleblowing system.

Covert Bullying : A Rising Trend

Parents are finding it increasingly difficult to recognise and stop school bullying cases and the targeting of their children as covert bullying cases involving social media apps rise. Some children are being targeted for the sole reason of having the attack videos shared on private apps online.

Parents are looking for ways to stop the attacks at school and get their children back to normal as a result of this new trend, where bullies attack just to share on apps like Snapchat and TikTok. This is particularly problematic given how little is often done to address the problem. Bullies typically continue to victimise their victims at school time and time again, occasionally threatening them with death, even after a student complains or the matter reported to the school. Frequently, the victims are unwilling to return to school or leave their homes. 

There are not many ways in which parents can react when it comes to school bullying, other than by going to the head-teacher, and, in some extreme cases, the authorities. The problem with that is that covert bullying is not easy to get a reaction to from school administrations, with many labeling it petty. This dismissal encourages school bullies to continue picking on old victims, or choosing new ones, with the bullying not ending until the victim changes schools or tragedy hits. This sickening trend is becoming more popular, with schools having trouble reining it in or controlling it. 

What can be done about covert bullying:

While most of these forms of bullying at school are physical, covert bullying takes another form, with the victim’s details shared on adult websites or in WhatsApp groups where they are subject to inappropriate content. 

Parents have trouble addressing these issues as their children exclude themselves from social contact and prefer time alone, with many embarrassed with the videos circulating online showing them getting beat and in some cases, by more than a dozen boys or girls. 

Covert bullying - intelligence & risk solutions

Parents complain about their children suffering from health issues like PTSD, inability to sleep and not eating properly. Parents may find these problems too frustrating because despite numerous visits to the school administration and authorities, they are unable to find adequate or workable solutions. These problems frequently involve victims who are younger than 13 years old. 

 One of the best solutions entails limiting the use of social media and mobile devices in classrooms and educating parents about the risks associated with social media apps and the kinds of content their children might encounter online. Instead, it would be better to give kids a more reliable channel through which to report incidents and covert bullying they encounter at school. Since most of the time they are not on the police priority list, schools should be compelled to listen to parents and address such incidents. 

How Aranea Can Help Solve Covert Bullying:

Students who are experiencing the traumatic effects of covert bullying can speak up using the whistleblowing tool Aranea. To help them defuse tensions and lessen the effects of bullying, certified responders are available around-the-clock to speak with them. The psychological effects of covert bullying are significant, and one way to address them is by allowing the victims to express their feelings. Many students refuse to speak to their parents, and even if they do, many try to stop their parents from filing a report at school. This can be because they think it will not have the desired effect or will only lead to more bullying. A whistleblowing app makes it easier to seek help. With the knowledge that they can stay anonymous, students can become more open, and explore various channels through which they can solve what they might be going through. 

Aranea will also allow parents another venue through which they can interact with experienced professionals, with the founder, Ex-policeman Andy Parr, having experience in all forms of crime and its prevention. Parents complained of feeling like they are talking to brick walls in some situations, and a whistleblowing app can help them get to the right people to voice their concerns and allows them to get the right advice for them and their children. It also allows anonymous reporting to the school and to involve the local police anonymously if the need arises.

Your can download Aranea on Android or iOS.

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