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British Overseas Territories Shocked at the Fahie Imprisonment

For a serving British Overseas Territory Premier Minister to be accused of Money Laundering, Drug Trafficking and Racketeering is bad enough, but to be found guilty and imprisoned is shocking.

Andrew Fahie, ex-Premier of the British Virgin Islands has fallen from grace. Once leading the legislature of the islands to now sitting in a cell somewhere in the US awaiting sentencing.

The British Governor of the Islands, John Rankin, had commissioned an inquiry into the embezzlement of public funds by Fahie’s government and delivered its report a single day after he was arrested in Miami, lured there by undercover DEA agents.

Fahie’s avarice led him by his nose to fall into the trap. He had been groomed by the DEA, along with his co-accused Oleanvine Maynard, the Islands Port Director, and her son Kadeem Maynard. The DEA first aproached Kadeem Maynard, pretending to be Sinoloa drug cartel members interested in using the BVI as a transit for cocaine into the USA. They were after secure passage to guarantee the drugs would flow without hinderance from law enforcement.

Maynard informed his mother who then hatched a plan with Fahie to facilitate the islands port to guarantee shipments would get through.

Unbeknown to Fahie, the DEA were working with the British National Crime Agency to set up the operation to ‘sting’ Fahie. It would appear more likely than not the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, being the employers of the BVI Govenor, were involved from the start in the planning of the operation.

At the completion of the Commission of Inquiry into corruption in BVI the Commissioner wrote;

“Almost everywhere, the principles of good governance, such as openness, transparency, and the rule of law, are ignored.”

Sir Gary Hickinbottom

Fahie stood trial in January 2024 and was found guilty of money laundering and drug trafficking. He is awaiting sentence but could be sentenced to life.

What we can say about the above scandal relates directly to fostering an open and transparent society. For that type of society to flourish, there has to be ways to report wrongdoing. Issues of corruption become amplified when the society is small. This is because the sphere of influence is concentrated with those in power capable of reaching all parts of society with fear or favour. Fear to cause those that want to report to be quiet and favour for those who can and do benefit from corruption.

The only route to give a voice to those who want to speak up is to do it through anonymity. HX5 will support all such reporting persons for free to speak their truth to power and we will ensure those messages are heard and responded to by the Governor’s office in the BVI.

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