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Welcome to Acrintel the Biometric ID, KYC and AML risk platform.

Acrintel - because entity validation isn - whistleblowing software and aml risk solutions't an option

Acrintel was built to help regulated organisations understand who it is that works for them, supplies them or uses their services/products.

Acrintel digests data from thousands of sources to make sure you:

  • Understand the risk of business with the entity
  • Have up to the minute data on who you are working with/for
  • Have an understanding on how your peer companies grade the risk with the entity
  • Get updates on changes to an entity’s profile.

Consumers join our system because it saves them time, effort and money. Time in providing validated identity and source of wealth information, effort in that they upload documents to us once for use across all of their business/personal dealings and money because we don’t charge them for joining.

How Acrintel will stop money laundering

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer to face than having to upload documents to frequently unprotected websites or apps, repeatedly across multiple businesses just to open an account or secure a mortgage.

It results in 60% abandonment when opening financial accounts.

This frustration means you are losing customers because the friction in your systems means your customer is losing confidence in you before they have even opened their account and in the time it takes to transact, deals are collapsing because of changes in circumstance.

We provide them with a single portal that they upload their documents to. We ensure they are fully aware of their data rights and provide them with our data protection policies and privacy protection from the outset. Once their account is open we provide them with an access code that they pass to any organisation that needs validation about the entity, be that a real person or a business.

Each straight forward check costs less than £5

You can rest assured we work with the biggest names in data and also secure primary data from a range of other sources to bolster and enhance anything that there is currently on the market.